Attn. Admins: Registering New Account Problems

Messages titled “[Discuss Chile] Confirm your new account” are possibly sent or composed or routed incorrectly, They either go to SPAM folders, or are not received by users trying to sign up. As reported by some prospect members.

Just tested using a new username “testmail”. Mail received, but in the SPAM folder.

Received: from ( [x.x.x.x])


You gentlemen are using the “Sender:” and the “From:” mail headers from different domains:

gmail and discusschile.

This may confuse the receiving SMTP host, and it either sorts such incoming mail into SPAM, or discard it.

Much better coding would be either using purely native (discusschile) SMTP server, or exclusively gmail, but not mixing the two.


Hello @lostfree thank you for this, you are absolutely right! I’m going to go ahead and fix this. I’m also looking for Admins for this forum and I promise that this won’t be deleted.