Those who married a Chilean in Chile under a passport, PLEASE READ

In my case, there was no update (“Inscripción”) to the marriage certificate with my RUN which meant that I WAS STILL CLASSIFIED AS SINGLE according to Registro Civil.

This could have been a nightmare if my wife or I became deceased in terms of inheritance and such. The klepto government would have indeed had the last laugh in my existence here in Chile.

You can correct this by both going to the Registro Civil of your marriage with copies of your carnet and marriage certificate and each partner signing a form at no cost.

Not directly related side note: the San Antonio Registro Civil though crowded that day is not even in league to the nightmare and crowds of the one in Santiago. But it is chaotic in that no one, a guardia or employee, is directing where to go, which ticket machine to use or if you need to just stand in line over there for that particular tramite, etc. So the nepotic Boric gov. hires 94,000 new public employees at well above average salaries and they cannot place one, just one, of these jackasses in this Registro Civil to direct traffic. Has ANYONE noticed any difference in service to the public at gov agencies since these 94,000 douche bags were hired?

I guess I was lucky I renewed my ID last year in Paine. With an appointment it went smoothly.

That was in January, so before Boric was around. In May of 2023, my husband tried to reserve in Buin to renew his ID. He doesn’t have a date until October. We were downtown early one morning to go to the bank and he decided to stop in to see if they might be giving out numbers without an appointment. The place was full and pretty disorganized. I guess the only positive is that there was a guard at the gate. He was turning a lot of people away but let us in and went inside to talk to someone After about half an hour someone came out to tell us there were no numbers. He’d have to wait for his appointment. So give them a point for the guard, but a five month wait to get an ID is ridiculous!

I definitely had the same feeling, that where they need to be adding people is basic services like the Registro Civil, FONASA, etc. Instead all they do is hire more “communications consultants” at 5 million pesos a month.

Wow…thanks for that. I’m in the same boat. How did you become aware that your civil status hadn’t been updated, and is there a specific name for this tramite?

Chile, all ways surprising.

We’ve been paying for FONASA as individuals for a long while because we just never got around to asking FONASA about marriage and paying a lower price with one being under the other though with the same plan benefit (FONASA B, option to use the private system). So it was FONASA who pointed out the problem because one of the docs to do the change is a copy of the marriage certificate.

This certificate still has me without RUN number (I eventually became a Chile resident via marriage to a Chilean) and the FONASA change cannot be done as Registro Civil for all purposes still classifies me as single and not married.

You can check out if everything is or is not OK by downloading your marriage certificate. In our case, there is a marriage certificate “sin inscripción” but no option to download one “con inscripción”. I assume in around the estimated 44 days it takes to make the change in their system, there will eventually be a marriage certificate “con inscripción” to download that has my RUN number incorporated into it.

So thumbs up to the patient, friendly Santiago FONASA employee my wife talked to and this employee also said we should be reimbursed for all the extra payments but I have my doubts on that part.

No specific name for the tramite that I know of, you just take the docs described above to the proper window at RC. In San Antonio it was the “Inscripciones, Posesión Efectiva, Nacimiento, Defunción” window where we had to take a number and wait a long time as there was only 1 employee for the first two hours.

Thanks, eeuu.
Maybe I will try to ascertain my status using ChileAtiende first.
As to reimbursement, I found that they can be quite good at returning overpayments.