Positive experience with Registro Civil appointment system

Hi All,

I have a question regarding cedula renewal. I am a permanent resident since 2019, and my cedula expires in January. I am a bit unsure of when exactly I should be making the appointmet at the registro civil. According to the chileatiende page they give you 30 days to renew, but is that 30 days before the expiration date, or 30 days after? Any clarification would be greatly appreciated. Also, how long is the turn around time from the initial appointment to picking up the new cedula? I will be using PTO, so will need to plan my trip. Thanks for the help!

I renewed mine way ahead of time (over a month before expiration) as it would have expired during my trip to USA-landia. Only took a week, San Antonio RC.

Does anyone happen to know in which Registro Civil Offices foreigners can renew their cedula’s? Based off the instructions online i guess one can only do it at specific locations. I was thinking about doing it while I am visiting Puerto Varas.

That may be the case in Santiago, but not elsewhere. Today my attempt to renew failed, and I was told that the PDI certificate was still needed.

That’s despite what it says here

Para Renovación de Cédula de Identidad
En relación a la entrada en vigencia del nuevo convenio de colaboración e interoperabilidad para la cedulación de extranjeros entre la Policía de Investigaciones de Chile y el Servicio de Registro Civil e Identificación No es requisito la obtención y presentación del Certificado de Vigencia de Residencia Definitiva para la renovación de cédula de identidad para extranjeros.

I was told in the Registro Civil that this certificate could be obtained online, and indeed this page would seem to allow this.

But it failed to recognize the numbers on my Certificado de Permanencia Definitiva.

Next stop is a visit to Extranjeria…

Wasn’t there a scandal years ago where Extranjería supposedly lost nearly all past records of residents?

Next came a Taxi trip to the other side of town in the rain, where Extranjería agreed that the Certificado de Residencia was no longer required, but stated that they could not interfere with another government department’s decisions.

They also said that they did not attend “walk-ins”, and suggested that I make an appointment…by internet :slight_smile:

Chile, the country where they like to say “No”


https://reservatuhora.serviciomigraciones.cl/ is the site where I was eventually able to schedule an interview for next Monday. But I had to register with their Portal first…

Update: The Migrations service couldn’t help. Nowadays Permanent Residency is formalized by Resolución, and mine (from 1999) pre-dated the system change, that was the problem.

However Migrations directed me to the PDI, where a lady Inspector issued a Certificado de Vigencia Permanencia Definitiva, valid for 60 days, which I will take back to the Registro Civil.

Final update 19/06: Finally managed to renew my Cédula, which will be ready in a month. The same lady who attended me the first time admitted that the official site contained misinformation, and this wasn’t the first time that she had seen this problem.

But she also misinformed me by saying that the necessary Certificate was available online, and in my case at least, it wasn’t.

Moral: YMMV…