I do not understand this study at all

Did anyone else see this? Santiago 5th in quality of life in the RM and above La Reina? Estación Central is supposedly 11th. My comuna supposedly has a low quality of life, but I’d much rather live here than in either of those places or many others higher on the list. Looking at the criteria, security was not even considered. How is that left out?


Good grief. What a worthless report.
I wouldnt be surprised if there is an agenda to get people to move for an ulterior motive

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Indeed confusing when San Antonio has almost always come in near the bottom of other Chile quality of life studies over the years. This one gives our area too much unneeded attention :wink:

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Looking at the original document, 16.7% of the score was working conditions. That’s pretty silly, because they seem to be acting like people can only work in the municipality where they live. I am sure in Santiago and Viña/Valparaíso, many people live and work in different municipalities.

Same with health/environment, which made up 18.1% of the score. Environment you are kind of stuck with, but many people can access health care outside of their immediate municipality. Here we have a decent amount of doctors’ and dental offices, but the only hospital is a small public one. However, we are close enough to Santiago that we could be transported to a higher tech facility there if needed. Supposedly we are getting a modern hospital soon, but those projects always take way longer than promised.