Homogulacion of cell phone bought outside Chile

Has anyone gone through the process of homogulacion of a cell phone? It seems to be set up for tourist phones.

Is this when one buys a phone outside of chile and wants to use it in Chile longterm on a local cell plan?

I did that once. It was a bit of a hassle and i might have to do it again if getting a soon replacement phone on Amazon versus at a chilean retailer.

Its hard to find low sar phones on the phablet rating when limited to whats in the chilean domestic market

I had to pay some rando website years ago around $5.000 CLP to have my US based phone to be able to connect to the chili-beaner’s system. Haven’t had an issue since; I still use the same iphone.

My mobile phone has (more-or-less) failed while travelling outside Chile and I’ll probably have to buy a new one. I gather I’ll have to figure out this “homologacion” process when I get back to Chile. Some sources on the Web list frequencies/bands that a new phone will need to support in order to work in Chile (eg. 2600 and maybe 700MHz for Entel 4G, 900 & 1900 for their 3G). What else might I be overlooking? Thanks.

PS. Obviously I’ll be looking for an unlocked one without a contract, probably on Amazon.

Make sure it is “factory” unlocked.

I have had to do it several times since this system was introduced. I have never had to pay a fee. I did each one on line ( permitted once a year for each person for free, as I recall) via this website: Homologaciones - Dymeq Ltda: Ia
In order to complete the application, you will need a variety of papers, proof of purchase being the most obvious one, and proof of date of arrival in Chile if the phone/tablet was brought in from overseas by the owner. Not sure what else was required other than the usual Chilean stuff like photos of both sides of your cedula, and of your entry stamp in your passport. If all the information requested is provided, you should expect to receive the approval within 24 hours. Or at least that was my experience each time I applied.

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excellent link spd, thanks

de nada! suerte!

Thanks. My existing phone seems to have started working again now…

Thanks SPD, great information. I will be bringing a phone with me in October. I will report my progress in the system.

I had planned to follow this advice for registering a 4g modem card, but…

Oh, well, there are still the paid options to try…

The phone I brought from the eeuu finally stopped working last week. I used that same site to register the phone, and the next day it was functional.

I think it is only the physical office that is closed. Just ignore the message.

Great, thanks for that!