GuardaPaquetería at the Correos

Something in the feed today in Punta Arenas and others likely have also received this. The postal system (Correos de Chile) is providing a service in which you drop a package, suitcase, backpack, whatever, and they will keep it for up to ten days for someone else to pick up. Fee is 900 CLP.

Evidently it was created for business use. You drop a package, pay the fee, get a receipt, Correos notifies the recipient and they have ten days to pick it up. Or you come back to pick it up…(though that is not the intention of the service so it’s unclear how a tourist might be able to use this… soon to ask, though ).

That’s cheaper that the Custodia ( “left luggage”) you find in airports and other places. (oops… I see that the Pudahuel airport Correos doesn’t offer this service)