Chile, once considered Latin America’s Finland, is in trouble

That’s the title of an article in the Economist. While still taking at face value the reasons given for the estallido social, it is now predicting a gloomy future for Chile, no surprise for anyone who has lived here during the last couple of years.

The original article is only available to subscribers, but the complete version can be found here.

And more comment and analysis of this article here on a good local site.

As for comparisons to Finland… :roll_eyes:


Good article, thanks fraggle…oops feargle. I wonder what “woke” means to the Economist.

Never heard Finland or south america. Just the switzerland

Among the cubic miles of hot air generated by the Education debate (“Educación gratuita y de calidad ahora”, remember that one?) the Finnish system was proposed as a model to copy.

It was also puffed by the politicians that Chile was approaching the economic level of Portugal, so that was the goal to aim for. Before Chileans collectively shot their country in the foot, that is.

Even before that, Chileans liked being referred to as los Ingleses de sudamerica; given the UK’s performance over the last hundred-odd years or so, thats a pretty backhanded compliment based on a cliché, unless football hooliganism is the referent here.