Burro-cracia Department: Additional vehicle marking requirements

Can’t tell if this has been mentioned in other topics or posts but let’s consider this part of the Boric government Let’s Make Life Expensive and Difficult and Less Safe for Citizens Department.

And by that I mean the new idiocy of requiring the etching of your vehicle placa patente number on every fooking piece of glass on that vehicle.

Windscreen, back window, all the side windows, and the external mirrors. The etching on the mirrors would violate the sensible laws in some other jurisdictions since it interferes with safe viewing …as the mirrors were designed for. (Capital letters/numbers 5-10mm high). But no such common sense can be found in this Republic of Captive Hamfisted Idiotic Lamebrained Error (CHILE) .

I would guess that the required font should be Comic Sans.

Here is the original language as it appeared in the article in Biobiochile

A. Las letras y dígitos en los vidrios deben tener entre 7 y 10 mm de altura, un ancho y un espesor de trazo acorde al tipo y altura de la letra, de estilo normal, no cursiva ni negrita. Por su parte, en los espejos laterales la altura mínima deberá ser entre 5 y 10 mm. En ambos casos las letras deberán ser mayúsculas.

B. Las letras y dígitos deberán grabarse siguiendo la superficie del vidrio o del espejo lateral, de manera tal que su lectura horizontal, para un observador externo al vehículo, sea de izquierda a derecha.

C. El grabado debe ser permanente, entendiéndose como tal aquel que se realiza desgastando la superficie del vidrio, de forma tal que no pueda ser borrado.

D. En los vidrios laterales ubicados al costado del conductor el grabado se efectuará en el vértice inferior derecho desde el punto de vista de un observador externo y en aquellos ubicados al costado del acompañante se realizará en el vértice inferior izquierdo desde el punto de vista de un observador externo.

E. En el parabrisas el grabado deberá efectuarse en el vértice inferior derecho desde el punto de vista de un observador externo, sin obstaculizar la lectura u ocultar el Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

F. En la luneta trasera el grabado se efectuará en el vértice inferior izquierdo desde la perspectiva de un observador externo.

G. En los espejos laterales cuya forma sea o se aproxime a un cuadrado, rectángulo, circular u ovalado, el grabado se realizará siguiendo el borde de sus lados paralelos al suelo, de la forma más próxima a dicho borde, en la parte superior o inferior.

Image example from other source

You can carve up your own windows with a handy Dremel®

Mirror distraction

So what next? Requiring your RUT etched on your Smart Phone? DOB tattoo on your right arm?

Our main annoyance, apart from spending money on this is where to do it. There used to be a place that did it not to far from the house, but they closed down. My husband found another place that supposedly does it. But it turned out they don’t. We may have to go to Rancagua or San Bernardo to get it done.

If you are in Stgo area then how about the nice folks at Justcar in La Reina?


Or here

Or here

or here

Thanks. We’re in the RM, but out of Santiago, pretty far to the south. If we have to, we’ll go into Santiago. It definitely seems like there are more options. I’m just hoping to find something closer to avoid the trip. I hit another dead end, there is a car wash chain that does it, but they recently closed their branch here. I am going to contact these guys: https://www.roadglass.cl/# The website mentions they do it.

There is also the option of doing this little job yourself, if you’re a bit handy.

I have a Dremel as well as a cheap diamond-tip etching tool I use for scratching my name and RUT on tools and other property. I’m ordering an 8mm alphanumeric stencil that can be used to form the characters needed. Stencil costs about 5000 CLP.