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You got it! The fact is not matter how much I tried I was not able to integrate myself. Perhaps if I was here with a chilean spouse would´ve been different, but mine is a true gringo unable to learn the language and I´m truly exhausted.
What really did it was the October 19!! Delinquent´s Day…the plandemic.and now??? a chinese puppet…Chile doesn´t have freedom anymore and it was one of the reasons for coming here. Chile´s done! Put a fork on it! I had enough! Sad in a way.I´ll miss the beauty and comfort of our home and land.
I already hear the peanut gallery saying…neither is the US BUT what yáll don´t know is everything is about to change for the better…THE BEST IS YET TO COME!

Happy red state hunting!

And so what. I am also still don’t feel comfortable here. And will never do, possibly.

And where on earth is there any “freedom” these days?.. Its a joke.

{a.k.a. rune}

Oh but dont you want to beat them at their own game.

They bust out Chilean nonsense 101…then you come back with next level chilean nonsense 301 and they are like buh buh you arent even chilean??? And you beat us at our own game???

Believe it. This can be you​:smirk::lion::star_struck::unicorn::cherries::kissing_closed_eyes:

The answer is simply no. I’m always busy even when I don’t do anything…busy thinking and no time for Chile…for me is a lost cause.

Hi there, I’d love to get the scoop on what happened to Allchile, it all sounded pretty serious. I hope this forum takes off, all the other forums are only very occasionally used by people seemingly just passing by. This year we’re reaching 15 years in Chile.

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I just realized it will be 20 years for me later this year!

Soon to be 14 years.

20 years really says Chile is cool

I still cant figure out a better place

Though that isnt exactly saying a ton

The devil you know right?

Yeah, to some extent, the devil I know. My life is here now. My husband and I own a home, we have our pets. His career is not very portable, so that limits where we could go if we decided to leave.

21 years this May.

My how things have changed.

There is no stable place in the world as the most alleged “stable” country on the continent has shown while watching my original home country deteriorate even more rapidly than before in those same years.

If there is a complete collapse of international trade, Chile looks to be still a generally good place to be in terms of foodstuffs and hopefully a crisis will force the regional leaders to bargain with each other like for oil and gas in Chile’s case and also position the pragmatists (perhaps by force if the other side refuses to listen to reason) over the idiot ideologues.

We shall see as the future is unwritten and open.

Hello. Hello… Firstly hello to everyone… I used to be an lurker at the old “allchile” forum and Im guessing this is where all the old allchile members hangout… (I still dont know what happened to that forum… A couple of days ago, i wanted to check up on the forum. and poof, not there).

So good to see a lot of familiar helpful faces here! :smiley: There were some really helpful people there and not so helpful racist ones…

Again, amazing to have a place to hang out…

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Welcome to Discuss Chile!

Oh, you had that problem on the old site too, huh?

I’m Chuck J from the AllChile website. I think I was maybe the 8th or 9th person to sign up there way back in the day, lol. Made a bunch of posts initially and eventually would check in every couple of years and then one fine day, (said in Forest Gum voice) it was gone!

So, Hi. I’ll be checking in here for all the latest.

Chuck J.

P.S. anyone have any info on Hernan Zuliani? I think he was illuminati1957 on allchile. Lost track of each other.

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Long time dude, welcome back!

Hi !
Yeah it’s been a minute, lol.

Still living in San Antonio? How’s life treating you?

I’ve been in Baja, Mexico the last year and a half. And for some CRAZY reason have been thinking of returning to Chile… well not so crazy, the exchange rate is really good right now.


Yes still in San Antonio but looking for a move further south in a less commie and droughty area than 5th region - RM.

Life is good not because of all the shit that went down since 18-O but because of my Chilean family via my wife.

Good to hear it.

A “less commie infested area” seems to be a common theme, lol.