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Hello all,

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Thank you all for being here.

And a very special thanks goes of course to this website founder.

Let’s hope that finally we have found the right place where we can talk in depth about all things Chile.

It’s so wonderful to see that more people are joining.

Hello, I was a lurker on the allchile forum, and would check in there occasionally to see discussion about recent events in Chile. I’m glad to find this new forum!

This community needs more thinking human beings. If you are reading this, but believe your participation here will be difficult, uncomfortable, or unnecessary, I perfectly understand this. However, short of your presence, the community will possibly evolve in a very unfavorable way.

Hello to all!

I found my way here looking for what happened to allchile.net. I posted very little to the site over the 10 years I was registered as rfinmdusa but I looked over the sight pretty regularly. My wife and I bought a spectacular ocean bluff property on the island of Chiloe, near Punihuil, about 5 years ago and will be looking to build on it in a couple years when we retire. We currently live in Maryland, USA and just finished having our retirement home built in Idaho. The plan for retirement is to spend April-December in Idaho and January-March in Chiloe.
I hope this forum will stay peaceful and go a little easier on newcomers.


Welcome to the forum!

Am a summer resident in McCall… Good choice. Also love me some Chile… including Chiloe!

Hey everyone, thanks for getting the forum back. Not sure if it will prosper in the Facebook groups era, but maybe some new & old members will be able to find it. In case you need some info from the old forum, the last snapshot downloaded from web.archive.org is here (175 MB).

Not sure about Windows, but on Mac you can do a full-text search inside the folder right from Finder, and then open viewtopic.php?t=xxx&p=xxx files in browser by adding .html to their filenames.

Hi SpaceCat, hope you are doing well. I think you even have the same avatar!

I was able to download that.

Am I right in thinking that copy of the forum is quite old, and pre dates the social crisis of October 2019?

I did some searches and most posts I find were around 2008-2014, and I think I saw a few early 2019.

I got zero results when I did searches for estallido, covid, coronavirus, or Boric, for example.

I didn’t see any results from at least October 2019 onwards.

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Thanks, hope you are doing well too!

It should be the latest one, I have lots of results for estallido and can see replies from at least 2020 on Mac, so maybe you need some additional actions if you are on Windows? Here’s an article about full-text search in files there.

Captura de Pantalla 2021-12-22 a la(s) 00.20.56

I can do a search, but the results are all old.

For example if I search “Piñera” there are results only for his first term. I can get results for “Bachelet” but nothing for “Boric”. OK I tried Boric again, this time I got something about a 2012 student march.

No matter what terms I search for, the results are almost always old, usually from about 2009 to 2014.

I was able to get some snapshots of posts from 2019, but not full articles with all the comments and in a different file type. It’s possible that the more recent data exists, but in a different format, or less complete. In which case I am somehow only searching a part of the data.

Tried downloading again, same issue. File size is correct.

Tried on my iphone, didn’t download at all, don’t have mac.

I think I am going to give up for now, and only try again when I actually really need it.

I think that’s because of thread numbers in the filenames that make the oldest ones to appear on top. Try searching for “covid” and you’ll get a ton of threads with IDs starting after 17000. I’ve yet to find something from 2021, but late 2020 is mostly there.

Hello, all. Was a long time lurker at allchile. Was in Kenya for a spell and when I finally got back online allchile was gone. Good to see a replacement forming up.

Welcome to all the new joiners. Don’t be afraid to dive in and post. Sometimes it’s the same 5 or 6 or 7 of us making most of the posts. Would help to get a few more regular posters to freshen things up and add some new perspectives.

Hello everyone! I´m a little lost… like the lil Red Riding-hood and I´m afraid of the wolf!! don´t know if I´m suppose to write here or not!

Hello, I moved your post to the Welcome thread.

Are you the famous Gloria of that other forum?

Famous? Hummmm…

Well, famous or infamous, the answer is yes. Many moons ago ( 2007/2008) I wrote to Allchile asking guidance to moving to Chile. Today I would like to ask for a company that handles parcels with personal effects to the US. Yes, I´m going back home! Thanks in advance for any reply.

Aging issues, Chile going commie, a combo?